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8/2/18 - 50% off Registration and Giveaways! 

7/19/18 - Registration Updates and Timeline

7/11/18 - Online Registration, Preschool, Employment & Leadership

frequently asked questions...

We are so excited to be partnering with the Richland School District to offer our award winning youth programs at ALL ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS in Richland and West Richland!

Parents... We know you're surprised and maybe even a little worried. We get it! Change can be that way because things appear unfamiliar and uncertain. We are working hard to make this transition as simple as possible for you.  Let's start with some questions you probably have....

How can I register?

Online registration is open! We're working through bugs so if you see something off, let us know. Visit the "Clubs" dropdown menu above. Thanks for your patience!

I already registered with Champions. Will that transfer? 

Unfortunately, no. We cannot access the that information. We know it is inconvenient and apologize. We tried to keep the form as quick and easy as possible.

I already paid my registration fee to Champions for Fall. Will that transfer? 

Unfortunately, no. Champions will be refunding all registration fees paid for the upcoming school year soon. You will not be billed for registration fees until your refund has occurred.

How did this happen?

The Richland School District requested proposals from child care providers who were interested in partnering to provide before and after school care at Elementary Schools.  We ran to submit a proposal! It has long been a goal of our organization to serve children and families in Richland. It is actually the only one of our 3 cities that we aren't serving at this time.  (Oh, we're in Prosser, too!)

So,  you were chosen as the child care provider?

The  Richland School District (RSD) administration made a recommendation to the Board that Boys & Girls Clubs become the licensed childcare partner of their schools and it was approved 7/2/18. After an extensive interview process comprised of site visits, reference checks, observations and many meetings, RSD asked if we would like to partner with them, and you! Our answer was - of course!!

What does this mean for my child/children?

It means they are going to be a Boys & Girls Club member! Okay, we know what you mean. We will be at all Richland Elementary Schools and available to you and your children before and after school starting this upcoming 2018/2019 school year. We will also be offering care on no school days, during breaks and over the summers (beginning in 2019). We will be honest in stating that there are some details that we are working out, but we promise to keep you informed along the way.

And the Boys & Girls Club program?

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Benton and Franklin Counties has been serving the community since 1996. We currently have 14 Clubs sites, some in schools, some in Clubhouses, some preschools, some nurseries! We partner with the Pasco School District, Columbia Basin College, Kennewick School District, New Horizons High School, Prosser School District and now Richland! You can rest assured knowing that we have extensive experience in before and after school based programs. Also, we are committed to providing high quality programs, not just childcare. Your kids will be engaging in programs that align with our priority outcomes of academic success, healthy lifestyles and good character and citizenship.

And what does this mean for me?

In addition to providing great care for your child/children, we hope to save you 17-20% in child care expenses compared to the rates that you were offered during the 2018-2019 school year from your previous provider. Additionally, you can feel confident that your children are in a safe and productive environment, that is also fun!

2018/2019 RATES:

We do accept DSHS and have flexible options. Registration fees are $50 per child or $75  per family.

Full time before and after school $110
Before school care (AM Only) $65
After school care (PM Only) $80
Single session (AM or PM session) $20
Early release (PM session) $22

I still have questions/concerns.

We will be as open and communicative as we can throughout this process. We plan to send frequent emails and updates regarding progress, key contacts for each school, registration timeline, process and all other information you need. Please submit your email in the form below so that we can send you updates.

We are also happy to speak to you and/or answer emails. Please out to our Director of Operations, Chandra Burns at or our Executive Director, Brian Ace, at Both can be reached at 509-543-9980.

Are you a current Champions employee?

We'd love for you to apply. Visit our employment page. Also, this letter from our Director of operations should explain our next steps.



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