Youth of the Year

Congratulations, Wendy! Our 2022 Organizational Youth of the Year!

For Wendy, the Club provided a safe place where she could escape the challenges of her current neighborhood.

"Imagine yourself in a neighborhood where drive-bys, robberies, murders, and drug dealings have become normalized... I have lived in this neighborhood my whole life."

Wendy found not only safety at the Club when she started attending three years ago, but a place she could learn and grow, and be herself.

"The Club has turned into my second home. Knowing that when I am having a bad day in general, I know I can come here and someone will be willing to help me and listen to what I have to say."

Through meaningful relationships with Club Staff, and her participation in Club programs like Keystone Club, Wendy has grown into an optimistic and passionate youth leader. She now wants to use her voice to inspire and help others.

"Giving back to our community and helping others is something that I have always wanted to do growing up but I did not have the courage to do so or the opportunities. These opportunities that the Club offers is why I love the Club."


Events & Announcements

Congratulations Wendy!

for being selected as our organization's 2022 Youth of the Year!

Thursday, March 24th @ 6 pm

Washington State Youth of the Year Celebration in Seattle, WA.

Thank you to our Youth of the Year Program Sponsor!


Meet our 2022 Finalists


Watch our 2022 Youth of the Year Celebration

What is Youth of the Year?

Youth of the Year is America’s premier leadership and recognition program for teens. Each year, thousands of Club teens participate in local, state, and regional Youth of the Year events.

National Youth of the Year winners have achieved success in a variety of industries, including entertainment, politics, business and sports. Becoming National Youth of the Year is an exciting and inspiring journey.

A Shopping Trip To Remember

Big thank you to our friends at Hanford Mission Integrations Solutions for helping our 2022 Youth of the Year finalists shop for formal clothing for their final round of local judging.

Each of our three finalists received $500 from HMIS to purchase formal clothing so they could look and dress their best as they participate in this premier leadership program for Club teens.